E30-223 Troutman Superior Rectus Forceps angled

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Superior rectus forceps angled are specialized surgical instruments used in ophthalmic procedures, particularly during strabismus surgery or other surgeries involving the superior rectus muscle of the eye. These forceps have angled tips, which allows surgeons to grasp and manipulate delicate tissues in tight or difficult-to-reach areas with greater precision and control.

The superior rectus muscle is one of the extraocular muscles responsible for upward eye movement. During strabismus surgery, for example, surgeons may need to access and adjust the superior rectus muscle to correct eye alignment issues. The angled tips of these forceps make it easier to grasp and manipulate the muscle or surrounding tissues without causing unnecessary trauma.

These angled forceps are designed to enhance surgical efficiency and accuracy while minimizing tissue damage, ultimately contributing to better surgical outcomes for patients undergoing eye surgeries involving the superior rectus muscle.

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