E15-656 Nagahara 60° Phaco Chopper

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A phaco chopper is an ophthalmic surgical instrument used in cataract surgery, specifically in the technique known as phacoemulsification. Phacoemulsification is a modern method of cataract removal where the cloudy lens is broken into small pieces using ultrasound energy and then suctioned out of the eye.

The phaco chopper is used alongside the phacoemulsification handpiece to help break up the cataract into manageable fragments. It typically consists of a thin, tapered metal shaft with a sharp, flat tip. The surgeon uses the chopper to gently manipulate and divide the cataract into smaller pieces, allowing for easier emulsification and removal.

During the surgery, the phaco chopper is inserted into the eye through a small incision alongside the phacoemulsification handpiece. The surgeon uses a combination of ultrasound energy from the handpiece and the precise manipulation of the phaco chopper to safely break up and remove the cataract while minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissues.

Overall, the phaco chopper is an essential tool in modern cataract surgery, helping surgeons perform the procedure with greater precision and efficiency, leading to improved outcomes for patients.


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